Heart of Gold

For my birthday this year, Rob got me an amazing gift—the gorgeous Twist Ring from Maison Laurea, a new brand offering 24k gold jewelry in classic styles, along with transparent pricing based on the price of gold.

This little number was super adorable and rivaled the cost of some of the 14k styles I had seen—yet it’s pure gold!

In my 30s, I’ve noticed that I am drawn to costume jewelry less and less. My daily look consists of my engagement ring, gold studs, gold chain and of course, now my new Twist ring, modeled after an ancient Grecian design.

The bright golden yellow color is divine, but it’s also softer than the standard 14k gold so you have to be a little more careful with it.

Another reason I loved the Maison Laurea brand is the luxe packaging! It comes in a faux-book box (perfect for stashing jewelry in a hidden manner on your bookcase). It also comes with a mini jewelry travel case. Pro-tip: if you need a half size like I did, just email them—they will help you out!

I love this ring and wear it every day. Thank you Rob for the wonderful gift! I love you!

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