Product Review: L’Occitane Shea Butter Lotion

L’Occitane’s Shea Butter hand cream, which has shea butter, honey and almond oil, is first-rate when it comes to moisturizing and smelling freshly-showered and powdered. It’s been around for years, but is it any good?

Yes! I love this lotion, and while it’s a little pricey, my generous friend got this for me for my birthday—but it’s worth treating oneself as well! I find the lotion works best on just-washed skin; I use it after the shower and washing hands to make sure my hands and palms stay soft.

The lotion is a little hard to squeeze out of the tube, but it melts quickly into … Read more

We Finished!

After three winters of hiking the Catskills’ highest peaks, we finally finished our last one—earning us our Catskills 3500 Winter Patch!

It has been a wonderful yet challenging journey learning to hike in freezing temperatures and tough conditions. We are going to move on to other parts of New England next winter.

We are grateful for all the amazing hikes and adventures in the Catskills and look forward to coming back one day.

Now, I’m ready for some spring outdoor adventures!… Read more

Heart of Gold

For my birthday this year, Rob got me an amazing gift—the gorgeous Twist Ring from Maison Laurea, a new brand offering 24k gold jewelry in classic styles, along with transparent pricing based on the price of gold.

This little number was super adorable and rivaled the cost of some of the 14k styles I had seen—yet it’s pure gold!

In my 30s, I’ve noticed that I am drawn to costume jewelry less and less. My daily look consists of my engagement ring, gold studs, gold chain and of course, now my new Twist ring, modeled after an ancient Grecian design.

The bright golden yellow color is … Read more

Catskills Weekend Adventure: Getting Closer to Our Winter Patch!

Last weekend, Rob and I completed Wittenberg and Cornell; followed by Eagle, Big Indian and Fir. We are now 33/35 peaks toward getting our Catskills 3500 winter patch!

180-degree sweeping views from Wittenberg, the quintessential Catskills hike!

What started out as a casual hobby turned into something much more—a love and devotion to nature, getting outdoors as much as possible, and challenging the body and mind to get stronger and better each time.

Saturday was warm and sunny, with panoramic views heading up Wittenberg and Cornell. This is one of my favorite climbs … Read more

Product Review: Gnome Serum’s Timeless Repair

Gnome Serum is a newish face serum brand founded in 2017 that is riding the CBD wave with a range of products harnessing the power of hemp. I tried its Timeless Repair Restorative Face Serum product, which retails for $49.99 for a 1 oz. package. Its all-natural ingredients feature kelp, red rose extract and even marshmallow extract, along with a healthy dose—150 mg—of CBD.

CBD is a huge trend in skincare right now, but studies show that it really does have major antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. I applied this product every night for a week after washing my face … Read more

Birthday at Kaaterskill Falls

For my birthday over the weekend, Rob and I knocked out the Kaaterskill high peak trail, followed by a visit to one of Catskills’ most beautiful falls—the nearby Kaaterskill Falls. Have you been?

The incredible two-tiered Kaaterskill Falls

Kaaterskill Falls is a 260-foot tall, two-tiered waterfall that is just 1.4 miles roundtrip from the parking lot. It has become somewhat Insta-famous over the past few summers, but chances are in winter, you’ll be the only ones there!

Walls of icicles along the trail to Kaaterskill Falls

We first saw Kaaterskill Falls… Read more

Hunting for A Great Weekend Adventure

Hunter Mountain is known for its fire tower and sweeping views of the Catskills region, and nearby Southwest Hunter is an essential add-on. These are the perfect peaks to pack into your winter weekend plans—a great workout that is both challenging and beautiful (not to mention socially-distanced!)

Rob near the peak of SW Hunter

Last weekend, we hit the trail early to bag these peaks. It was overcast and super snowy, but the trail was packed down enough for us to wear the spikes all day (snowshoes and crampons not needed)!

View from Geiger Point

The best part about hiking Hunter… Read more

A Cure For Dry Winter Skin

Do you have issues with dry, itchy skin in the winter? I love Beauty By Earth’s Peppermint Tea Tree Sugar Scrub for hydrating and exfoliating—and how it makes you feel minty cool, even in a hot bath!

A dollop of this sugar-powered product rubbed on arms and legs feels truly amazing as it exfoliates and scratches the “itch” of dry skin.

It also smells incredible with tea tree and peppermint oils. Give it a try for a wonderful winter pick-me-up.

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Winter Catskills Magic

View climbing up Catskills’ Twin Mountain, looking over at Indian Head where we’d come from.

Just two hours north of New York City, the Catskill Mountains and are a wonderful escape from the city—especially in the winter! This past weekend, Rob and I completed two more peaks—Indian Head and Twin—as part of our Catskills 3500 winter patch effort. We did this in just 15-degree weather with lots of strong, freezing wind, but the most surprising challenge is to stay cool, and avoid getting too hot and sweaty! With wool layers climbing uphill, it’s easy to… Read more

A Powerful Skin Remedy

Antedotum is a new skincare brand I recently tried that uses CBD, a healing and therapeutic plant extract. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but using both of their flagship products together—the Elixir Firming Serum and the Vital Face Oil—daily, for a week, and my skin looks and feels amazing!

For those who are wondering, there is no THC in CBD products (no, this won’t get you high). To use, first apply Elixir Firming Serum to clean skin, which helps with collagen restoration, hydration and reducing pigmentation. It utilizes full-spectrum, or whole plant, CBD.… Read more